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Jan. 17, 2023

The Content Closet Series - Part 1

The Content Closet Series - Part 1

In a world where content is everywhere you turn, it can feel like a struggle for entrepreneurs and businesses to keep up. So I'm doing a series on content creation. This series takes the struggle out of creating content for your business. It will cover everything from why and how to create content to what platforms and tools will serve you. 


Today, we are going to start with the most critical question, why does every business have to create content? It seems like a simple answer, but many entrepreneurs need help finding their way, and it can show up in their content creation. Yet, why you should create has a multi-stepped answer.


  1. People need to know you exist! - This is the most important why for creating content. When we make no effort to create content, it's like getting a pin stuck in a cog, where nothing can move because no one knows there is any energy behind your company. Imagine, Company A and their Competitor Company B are building your business at the same time. Company A starts creating content for their customers on their social media long before they are ready for business. As a result, they have potential customers when they are prepared to open because they targeted their content and got people excited long before they opened. Company B waited until its website was up to do social media content and blog writing, which happened only a few weeks before its doors opened. And now, they want a big grand opening but only left themselves a few months to create content and make people aware of their business. 
  2. It makes you searchable. - When you have a website and very little content, Google needs more to go on. When you go to websites and see long content on a variety of information, it's because the company is practicing on-page SEO. So, they write using their keywords and words that are broad synonyms of their keywords. Google loves content, so the more you write, the more likely, along with proper SEO of your content, you will end up Google indexed. If you do not like to write, Google also likes videos correctly tagged to help them appear in the search. And as an FYI... you can also SEO your photos on many social media platforms now. 
  3. Writing Helps You and Your Company Become the Expert - When you write articles/blogs and create social media posts for your target market, you start to stand out as an industry leader. Content makes you an authority in your work when it's well-written and shared.
  4. Content Gives you the Share Factor - If you're an authority in your business, others will promote you and your content without cost. So the more you create, the more likely you will share your posts, and the more likely they will share them. This creates natural backlinks to your website.
  5. Content creates returning customers! - How many brands do you follow on Instagram from which you purchased something? How many emails do you receive? Are you upset that you get emails from the companies you love, or do you open them? The more you create for returning customers and clients, the more people will return and tell friends. 

If you are still trying to decide if creating content will help your business or if you need the plan to create content in a way that supports your business goals, please schedule a complimentary clarity session with me. 


Come back next time. I'll share when you should be creating content.