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Dec. 3, 2022

Esperanza Smith - Consciousness and Well-being of our Future

Esperanza Smith - Consciousness and Well-being of our Future

Are you a female entrepreneur who wonders what the future, web 3.0 and the Metaverse, will look like as technology advances and connects the Consciousness Movement with our holistic well-being and working out of the premise that Energy is Everything? Are you among the many female entrepreneurs interested in tapping into their limitless potential in six key elements of intersectional living: Education, Healing, Arts, Business, Environment, and Social-Global Awareness?

This week on the Wellness and Wealth podcast, Esperanza Smith of PureEsperanza, NFP, addresses our human evolution as multi-dimensional beings needing multiple ways to meet our needs through learning experiences and products for our evolving consciousness. She’ll also share how a community of global visionaries, leaders, and healers are guiding a truly holistic future - creating a bright and expansive planet for generations to come.

In this episode, Esperanza Smith answers the following questions:

What does consciousness look like in the future?
Are we doing a better job of passing on this new transformative era to our children and grandchildren?
What is the Metaverse?
Where can mindfulness and tech mix?

Are you a female entrepreneur who wonders what the future, web 3.0 and the Metaverse, will look like as technology advances and connects the Consciousness Movement with our holistic well-being and working out of the premise that Energy is Everything? Are you among the many female entrepreneurs interested in tapping into their limitless potential in six key elements of intersectional living: Education, Healing, Arts, Business, Environment, and Social-Global Awareness?

This week on the Wellness and Wealth podcast, Esperanza Smith of PureEsperanza, NFP, addresses our human evolution as multi-dimensional beings needing multiple ways to meet our needs through learning experiences and products for our evolving consciousness. She’ll also share how a community of global visionaries, leaders, and healers are guiding a truly holistic future - creating a bright and expansive planet for generations to come.

In this episode, Esperanza Smith answers the following questions:

  • What does consciousness look like in the future?
  • Are we doing a better job of passing on this new transformative era to our children and grandchildren?
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Where can mindfulness and tech mix?

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Connect with Wendy Manganaro:

Connect with Wendy Manganaro:  


Esperanza Smith

[00:00:00] Wendy Manganaro: Hi everyone. My name's Wendy Manganaro and I am the Host of the Wellness and Wealth podcast. I'm so happy to have you find us. And if you could take a moment and hit that subscribe button, I'd really appreciate it. This is the podcast where we believe when you show up better for yourself as a woman business owner, you show up better for your business. 

So sit back, relax. And learn from the practical to the woo-hoo, how to best take care of you. Have a great day. Stay blessed. And leave a review when you're done listening to the show, thanks so much. 

[00:00:38] Wendy (2): Hi everyone. This week we have a new topic. We're talking about consciousness and wellbeing of our future with Esperanza Smith. So I'm gonna read some of her bio and then we're gonna get right into it.

Esperanza Smith is an energy medicine practitioner, holistic educator and founder of Pure Esperanza NFP. She is a certified Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine. Esperanza studied and trained with Four Winds Society and in Waldorf Education spanning in the fields of energy medicine and human development.

Esperanza has taught holistic education for 25 plus years in diverse settings and worked with energy medicine her entire life. Her love for lifelong learning has led her to study in traditional and non-traditional education institutions that include studies in healing, shamanism, metaphysics, quantum physics, spiritual science, mysticism,

esotericism, philosophies, psychology and Biodynamics, nutrition, alternative Medicines and the Arts. Esperanza is teaching includes waldock school schools, alternative education programs, adult enrichment programs, natural childbirth classes, social services and disability programs.

Parent workshops, tutoring, facilitating and speaking at national conference and community events and private consultation. Esperanza has served as a director, administrator of educational nonprofit institution. She's the author and illustrator of Girls Seeking Pearls and other inspired writings.

Esperanza is a mother, grandmother, life partner, and a soul with a commitment to the consciousness movement, holistic wellbeing, energy, medicine of our future, and serving humanity in this evolutionary time of rapid transformations with a vision to dream a new world into being. Welcome to the show. 

[00:02:28] Esperanza: Oh, thank you.

Thank you so much, Wendy. Thank you for having me here. And thank you for that long introduction. But I really appreciate that and it just, it does give a full scope. But anyway, it's really great and thank you for the opportunity to be able to speak with people about this beautiful topic that is affecting all of us and all of our lives and how we engage with life itself, consciousness, and how that plays over into our wellbeing.

[00:03:01] Wendy (2): Thank you. And I love reading out full bios and I'll tell you why because sometimes when you're hearing it from the other sides, you're like, oh, that is me. I can claim that. And I think that's a positive thing that we claim what we do. But I wanna get into today's topic of consciousness and I love the work that you're doing because I think that we are in a time in our culture where things are opening up for people to realize it's okay to think differently than, past generations.

I think that we are probably in the most transformative era that we've been in and still have a way to go. So I'd love to know from you, what does consciousness look like to you now and in the future? 

[00:03:49] Esperanza: Yeah, so for me, consciousness is something that is, it exists, it's what is right now. And I think what you were saying, tapped into the idea that, every generation probably has had an inkling of that. We're in a really transformative time because we are. And I say that because, I think for those people cycling and are on the second half of life so to speak. We've seen so much change happen and so then we can actually claim yes, it's really transformative right now. And when you're maybe not quite at that half stage of life, you are still in the, in between place. And so you don't feel the fullness of what that is. Once you have grandkids or have those kinds of cycles that have happened naturally in your life, you have that scope to be able to see that all. So for me, this state of consciousness is just where we are right now. It's always prevalent. It always exists and it's. How we think of our own expansion. So whatever it is that we're learning and transforming in our own lives, we continue to expand. And that's that energy.

So I think it's synonymous with energy consciousnesses as well as I think some people perceive it as, the force of love or life itself. So I don't think there's Way that we would define consciousness other than for me, it's the very existence of the energy life itself. And that's always evolving.

[00:05:23] Wendy (2): I love that. You bring up something I think that's relevant is, do you think that when we talk about that we're in a more of a transformative, era that younger people are starting to get that, because I know growing up for myself, this was not even on the radar.

It wasn't words you heard. And I've talked before on the show about how, I've come from entrepreneurs, I believe you came from very hardworking entrepreneurs. And so we weren't talking about consciousness, we weren't talking about the here and now.

We weren't talking about developing. We were talking about, you work hard, you play hard. So do you think that we're doing a better job as, let's say, parents or individuals, as we going into the second half of our lives, you think we're doing better passing it on to our children?

[00:06:20] Esperanza: I think that inevitably we must, I mean we can, let's say from a very practical standpoint, we can look, many of us where our parents came from and we can see maybe, some of their journey and what happened for them and even some of that, notion that they were creating something that was going to be for their children.

And I know that I became a parent and thought that the same way, what could I do to pass over to my children? And now I have grandchildren. And I think that along those lines too. And I see my son and our other children who have children going into that same way of thinking.

So we're always, I think doing and at least trying, making the effort to do something better. For the most I think there is a consciousness there that's moving because that's part of that consciousness that continues to expand. So I think that no matter what we do, we are evolving as a whole species, as a human rights, we're evolving.

And so that's that part of consciousness that continues to expand and grow. Within us and then affects the collective as a whole. So I've lived long enough to see those radical changes, let's say in culture as a young child that was born in the sixties, and, to see that cultural revolution that was going on.

And I had older siblings who were teenagers at that time. And I saw Politics of that time and the social dilemmas of that time. Not much different than what we've seen just in the recent years too. So I think that, there was a part of me that was aware of those kinds of shifts that were happening and on a global level that were happening too, because we had so much more.

Visual ability to connect with other parts of the world, like the Vietnam War, for instance, things of that nature. So we have now been, I guess in perhaps an indirect way, inducted into this next phase of our human evolution. And that's where I believe that we see the biggest shift happening.

So things that, I've seen along the way be cultivated like r aising my children holistically or eating organically were things that were still pretty not well known now. It's pretty mainstream, and I've lived long enough to see that Whole Foods came about, to see that organics became a mainstream, or to see that the Chicago Public Schools has meditation classes going on as part of their afterschool programs.

So, yes, of course we're evolving, and of course we hear mindfulness on cliche consumer side of things too, in terms of how people market things, because now everything is about, wellbeing and mindfulness and so I think that the task now then as the awareness has entered, is how do we keep that authenticity within this movement that's part of our life expression and will inevitably be connected to all those that we're connected with.

[00:09:12] Wendy (2): Yeah. And it's so funny that you mentioned the eating organically and then it's so mainstream. Oh my gosh, you just brought back a memory for me. When I was young there was a health food store in our town and my mother insisted on shopping there and at the local farmer's market.

And it was so counterintuitive to the rest of my family who live near New York City. They used to call where we lived the boonies because it was. But my mother was like, no, if we are gonna leave here, we're gonna eat healthy. 

And now of course I'm gonna, give my son healthier foods and healthier choices. But back then they thought she was nuts. Like, why wouldn't you just go to the store, or she'd go to the actual butcher, which years and years ago was a thing, but it had stopped being such a mainstream thing.

So she'd go to a butcher and a farmer's market and a health food store and they thought she was out of her mind. 

[00:10:03] Esperanza: It's so amazing because, you're telling my story too. I'm sure my children, even though I didn't really know it at the time, now as adults, they'll say, we were living what seemed awkward for them. And the more they became like teenagers and older, they were

like, oh, this is really different. And I think those transitions to be able to understand later on like why I did what I did because all those holistic kind of practices and alternative practices, whether it was alternative medicine, alternative ways of eating, lifestyle, all those kinds of things.

Now I think the study of sustainability has been ongoing. We have a name for it now, but the sustainability was what our ancestors and our ancestors before that. It's all the way down the line to how people lived in closer connection.

And I think in this way we can look at consciousness itself as this evolutionary process that loops around. So it. No different than if we take us individually because we're like one aspect of consciousness. So if we take our life individually and we see how we've learned something, and then we've had to integrate it in a different way.

For instance, you get a concept and then you have to integrate that, then you maybe, In some way implementation, and then it becomes more integrated into your being and then you take it to another level and it's the same kind of thing you learn, but now it's just a little bit more expanded and you have to incorporate it in a bigger way.

And I think this is true of what's happened to the whole of all of us. So when we look at these, like at the cosmology or the och of all these different civilizations, we can see aspects of our human abilities from. Sustaining ourself on the physical level to then learning more about where we are in the emotional body.

And of course, many of us are still working with wounds and traumas and how to, you know, eradicate them and release them from our systems. And then the, the mental. The landscape that we've developed around all of these experiences. So at each level we might take one experience, but we're going to look at it from each of those levels.

And that's the capacity that I think that we're doing more of right now. So in terms of this transformational piece, I don't think it's just happening to one person. Mm-hmm. . I think that the collective. Whole is starting to have this multidimensional experience. We are starting to understand more that in order to have the full wellbeing of who we are, we need to be able to connect each level.

I just had a conversation with someone this morning and we were talking about. holistic wellbeing, and I said, that's a term now that's, I think lost what the essence or meaning of that is. And I said, this weekend that I'm gonna be speaking at a positivity weekend, in the metaverse is about how we're going to look at how to connect these aspects.

Because let's say, you're eating really super healthy and you're, you're looking at nutrition and you're understanding how different vitamins work and how your systems are working and all these kinds of things, and how they help you in your life. But your mindset is worried and you're fearful.

There's a connection that has to be integrated there between one and the other because you can't have I'm eating, good organic food and all this living energy, and it's, supporting my physical system. But here in my head, I'm thinking like fearful thoughts all the time.

I'm stressed, I'm anxious, I'm worried. Vice versa. You can be thinking all these positive, wonderful thoughts. But you're eating at fast food McDonald's every day. There's a disconnect there. So we've become really good at being experts in each of these different areas, but how to actually integrate all of them and to develop the capacities that we are actually more than what we've known ourselves to be and that it's even beyond that. 

[00:13:54] Wendy (2): Right. And the fact that you're talking about this idea. I do think it's a process that and I've had this conversation with other people who've been on the show where, let's just talk about manifestation for a second.

You realize in this area, And then you're like, Hey, wait a second. It might be able to work over here too. But I think this is the same thing you're talking about though. So we look and weight is a good one. I've struggled with this and I come a from a family that likes to eat, they're not shy with food, when I start to look at am I eating right? And then on the reverse of that, holistically, when you don't eat right, then your body's tired. When your body's tired, you're mentally tired, and when you're mentally tired, it snowballs. But the same happens in reverse, when you start to eat right, you're like, something else is not lining up now because you're still trying to do half of the old behavior and part of the new behavior. And I think that there's something about that where you say that, because then we're in a disconnect because, or we go to follow somebody who we're like, oh, that person's healthy, or that person's, mentally doing well and we only take piecemeal of what that means to us and how we implement that in our life.

And I think that when we talk about the opposite then people get frustrated cuz they're like, well I tried that healthy lifestyle thing, it didn't work. But they don't realize it has to be more integrated. 

[00:15:12] Esperanza: Absolutely have to be willing to do the work. And the other part of it is when I had referred to that authenticity about, what that essence of what it is, particularly what it means authentically to you and your life is so important because, This is another part of this stage of our own evolution.

So I feel like if you take the whole collective consciousness and you imagine a human being developing from an infant to, they get movement in their arms and then there's direction to where they're gonna move their hands or their feet or walk, all these things you get will forces. Then you move into here's my emotional element cause children actually evolve in this way. They begin to have this imagination. You can see it at the stages of children, an infant isn't like a three year old to five, that's really imaginative and plays creatively with what's invisible?

And then they move into another phase of childhood and you keep building into, adolescence and into human being and full mature adult consciousness as a whole human evolution is the same way. So we're making these gradual steps of our own evolution in terms of how we're raising this understanding.

So this piece that you mentioned right now about this authenticity is that stage that we're at where we are coming into a knowing that's not just about duplicating or replicating what someone else is saying and doing, and it's not authentic that way. They can share, everyone can share your authenticity, but now it becomes a matter of how do we go within ourself to develop the communication, the relationship, the capacities within ourselves to claim authorship.

Authority in us for where we are and who we are. And that comes with a great amount of courage because we will make mistakes. That is part of the journey. We will find things that don't work and that do work, and that's part of it. But we are almost programmed in maybe previous generations or in this other, mindset that comes with those previous generations that were more about the practical, A to B, B to C, this is how we get it, this is how we do it.

And if it's visible, then it must be real and proof. But now we're finding, whoa, and this is what quantum physics talks about that it's not always what's visible. There's a lot happening invisibly and a good amount of it that's storing and accumulating and gathering, and at a certain point manifests into the form because it's grounded enough to do that.

And we do that by directing our energy. In those different areas and how we focus in these different ways, but it's gotta be real. It's gotta be really authentic coming from within you and giving ourselves permission to trust that enough. That's that point of evolution that we're in. 

[00:18:13] Wendy (2): That's fantastic. It reminds me, as you're talking about the real proof practical that a lot of us were raised with. You have to see it to believe it. And I had explained to me once that we turn on a light switch and the electricity works. We don't ask necessarily why it works. We trust it's gonna work. You turn the light switch on, the light works, and you trust that process without having to be the one in there physically making the energy work. And it's the same idea here where you start to trust this process of, okay, even though I can't necessarily see it, but I know that it's storing there developing me into somebody that, that I wanna be in the here and now that is more authentic, that is more grounded in this conscious world.

So I love that idea especially when people are in fear, they can't see the other side of it. And when you can visualize what it could look like and not stay in the fear, you start to automatically move toward that.

I did wanna talk to you because you mentioned it. You're working on this project, you have a community growing in a metaverse, which is so exciting. First of all, explain a little bit what the Metaverse is, just in case I have listeners who don't know, and then how did you figure out that it would take you into the next level of connection? How are you utilizing that? 

[00:19:32] Esperanza: Sure. I'll share with you a simple way of being able to begin to wrap your head around what the metaverse is. So if you could imagine, and I'm sure there's some listeners out there who've already had, internet and wifi and that technology their whole life.

But for those of us who were around before that became household custom, we didn't know about the internet. People talked about computers, but I'm sure everyone has seen things like, computers that look like they took up a whole room. , they're so bulky. Computers, even desktop computers that were so cumbersome.

I can think of even our first computer, what a big box it was. The screen itself, I thought that was a computer. So there was just a lot of pieces to that. But, the way I could compare it is if you were to look at a book and you're reading a page, it's on the page.

So you're formulating all these thoughts in your mind, and then somebody took that story and made it into a movie. Now you're seeing people and now you're immersed. In a different kind of way, engaging with the story and how it's all unfolding. The same with an online website. At one point there were no online websites, and then now it's become like everybody has to have a website if you're gonna be doing a business of some kind.

So websites became something that were like, that page in a book. They're still very flat, one dimensional kind of that we go into and we read the information, get our resources from that. Going into Web three and Metaverse is engaging in a way that's immersive, that you step into that experience.

Now, for those of you who haven't used headsets, When you step into that kind of experience, you are literally in an avatar form. And avatars, if you aren't familiar with that, are like, I don't use Facebook anymore, but Facebook has like little cartoonish pictures. And there's emojis and bitmojis and all these kinds of little characters that people use now for their little stickers and things.

When you enter that space, you're in an avatar form and you communicate with people, but you're not in your space anymore. You're in whatever space you've deemed, that you've stepped into, whether it's, let's say a mountainside or maybe it's, the woods or the Oceanside, or a building of some kind.

It's really limitless in terms of where you step into and it's so immersive that you literally can, be sitting in your living room wherever on your couch, but you're actually in this form and in these kinds of headsets where you are virtually no longer in your space. That's why they have you define a little parameter that you sit inside of or that you stand inside of so that you don't, walk out of it and bump into stuff or fall over in your own house, because that happens too, because people get interactive in different, let's say the gaming industry has been using, the better verse for a long time. So people get interactive in their games and start moving. And perhaps some of you have played those kinds of games too, where your mind doesn't know that it's not in your space. Therefore, even though, if you stop to think, wait, I'm in this square space and I know I have a coffee table right here. You get up and you trip to the coffee table because you're just immersed. So that's a little of wrapping your head around it and the technology and the way it's moving is that web sites, the way we know 'em today, will become obsolete as we transition into Web 3.0 and Metaverse, which is immersive.

So whether it's that you're on a desktop and you're entering a more immersive experience through the desktop where you're actually entering. Fuller immersion with a headset. These are the kind of experiences that'll allow you to enter more in a more engaged way with whatever it is that's happening.

So let's say you have a website and you have a retail shop online and. This experience of entering into a metaverse would be entering into a space where you're actually like in a shop. So you're not in the brick and mortar, but you're in a virtual brick and mortar. And so that's a different kind of experience, altogether, and we're all already using it.

That's the thing that people don't realize. So for all you women that might be listening out there, if you've had anything on a website or online where you've tried on let's say a hair color or a lip color, or a blush or an outfit, or tried this couch in your living room space or whatever that might be.

When you have those websites that let you do that kind of implementation where you use something from your space or your face, that kind of thing. You're already using an augmented reality or a mixed reality or a virtual reality. And now that tweaking of all of those different types of realities become what's called the extended reality, and that's really where the meta versus.

I think entering now, apart from the fact that now it's extended out where for decades it was primarily used as gaming. The business aspect of the world as well as organizations like nonprofits have just been. Propelled into the metaverse particularly because of Covid. And that was one of the things that, happened a lot because people still wanted to connect, but couldn't find that same way.

And, face it, all of us are done with the zoom boxes. All of us have had those endless meetings where there's hundreds of people or there's a few people or people engaged or disengaged and you're staring at an empty box or whatever that might be. But, I think also true to our human nature

we, we get bored. We wanna be creating cuz we are creators, so we go, this is okay, this is old. It was kind of cool when it first came out. Great that it happened, but now we're ready to do something else and this is the next step to that. And just like we've seen all that.

Immersion of technology, for those of you, like when you were talking about Facebook, and the first beginning and how it could just build organically and it's no longer that way because they've monetized it and become such a big thing. And it's true of all these different things.

We're just evolving. And that's part of it. And this new way of immersion is the next part of it. Now, when I look at my grandchildren and how schools have had to immerse themselves with a lots more virtual reality, During covid and a lot of the teachers that were able to really jump on board and get creative were able to keep their students more engaged.

By allowing them to integrate and use more types of virtual reality programs, curriculum, et cetera. And that's really what we're looking at now because we're seeing that full on businesses are coming in as well as education A, that's a huge component coming into the Metaverse right now. So in terms of.

We had been creating. So as an energy medicine practitioner, I work one on one with clients and I work with shamanic practices and we work energetically, to journey and to clear negative imprints in them and heal woundings, taking them to the place of origin, just another healing modality.

And there's many out there that are energetically based. And this is just one of many, and they're all so beautiful. I feel we as a human race have been gifted with all these infinite ways of expressing ourselves and connecting with one another and helping one another. And then on the level of the non-profit, which is what NFP stands for, purist Esperanza is a collective group of global

individuals all over the world that are in six intersectional parts of living, which are, education, healing, arts, business environment, and social global awareness. And, When you're looking at the cross section of these parts of our life, which intersects with all these areas and how it's connected, we're looking to bring those educators, practitioners, healers, leaders, speakers

artists into that environment to be able to, share their services, their gifts, but ultimately at the very core, have known and have felt connected to their purpose of being part of this transformational piece in our human evolution. That's the key part. And so we have, amazing people that are coming together in different fields of study and in different areas of life that are, coming into the metaverse and into the space, which is going to be the Purest Esperanza World and a holistic center called Ello God, which means home and it's home of consciousness and wellbeing.

And that's where we're taking it to really meeting individuals wherever they are in their journey. Whatever part they're focusing on and giving them opportunities, facilitative experiences, so that they can integrate just like what we were talking about a little while ago so they can integrate more of their lives, more aspects of themselves, and find that cross-sectional.

Pieces that are going, stretching out and, gathering together those different components, fragmented parts of ourself, bringing them all back together again into this whole beautiful being we are. That allows us to really, truly, fully experience and understand that we are the creators of our lives and just how powerful we are as human beings and how we use our energy that way.

[00:28:46] Wendy (2): That's amazing. And I have to say, I find this all fascinating. I love the idea of the metaverse and I have been one of those people who played my son's games at one time when he was in a smaller room and I was like, okay, this is not safe for me. 

But as we're talking about this idea of being able to be more open to see these different pieces work, there are people, and I know because I work with many of them who are gonna hear this and go technology and mindfulness, I can't be mindful and be on technology.

So when we talk about this idea of a metaverse, How can you be mindful and be on tech? There are people who think it's an opposite for them. And so to me that usually comes from a fear of technology altogether.

So in your experience and as you're going through this, how can, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship, because I have entrepreneurs who will say that's great what you do, but there's no way I'd ever go on it. And that's okay. I know everybody starts at a different point, but they're like, I'm either bad at tech, I'm afraid of tech, and I really do believe that it keeps me from holistically growing. So how can somebody who has a fear of technology, wrap their head around this or let go of that fear?

To see that this is where our world is going, especially when we go to visualize something, to be immersed in the visualization to make it real. I think that is all as a positive, but I know that there's people who think that it's the opposite. 

[00:30:13] Esperanza: Okay, so there's two things that really stand out for me when we're talking about this.

And first of all, I wanna say that I was one of those people, and not because I was fearful of it, or maybe there was a component of that, but I would say that more what stood out in my mind was like it is an opposing force. It's a principle. It's a matter of principle. In my mind, that's what it was. So this didn't happen overnight.

This has been over the, we're going on three years here, coming up soon that this started to come in. And I did my research on it because it drifted into my, into my awareness. And I was like, okay, well what's this all about? And I started to entertain the ideas and I started to think about these ideas of quantum Works, how it works, and I started to think about the expansiveness and the evolving pieces and I was like, well, could this be another expression of how we're evolving that, we're actually leaving. The idea of space time, even in some cases, and now immersing ourselves into this manifestation of this, this energy that's there and we're experiencing it through this technology. Now

I sat with it for a while and I researched it. I, looked at it from like brainwave lane, so there's enough signs out there pros and cons that talk about, how it could be helpful. And certainly there were many different therapies and therapists that were coming into the metaverse also working with individuals because of the different brain waves entering them.

And then, it sometimes being more conducive to a client or a patient being able to accept and change a way that they were thinking or something that was going on with them emotionally or whatever that might be, anxiousness or whatever that might be. So there were different pieces. The science pointed, well, no.

If you're into these states and they're kind of meditative states almost, in some cases you can actually. Perceive something. So something that's really ingrained, like someone who like, has a certain concept they don't wanna let go. The idea that they can enter and actually go into a space where it's a possibility that they can actually do something that's very empowering and that somehow become integrated because the brain doesn't really know.

The brain is just taking in this information. This says I can do this. So there's a positive there. Then I started talking to people in different age groups, Judgements and biases that I had that were along like, gaming people. I'm not interested in that.

I was a Waldorf education teacher for Christ sake. In the time that I was a Waldorf education teacher, we were opposed to technology. we advocated for that. We spoke to our community, we developed curriculum. Did not have that, but I still, and I think I shared with you the story before that I was , I was, kind of horrified.

I say that jokingly, a fifth grader walked in with a cell phone, first one in our school, and I was like, oh my gosh. And the whole community was in an uproar about it. But here we are, little over 15 years later, and I can tell you that not one of my colleagues.

Doesn't have a computer, not one school. And the last school that I was an administrator for was converting to all electronic files and everything. It had to, and this is the time that we're living in, all my kids, even though they didn't grow up with it, have computers. And much to my, misconception about, what the gaming was and this, and that.

My daughter, who's a millennial, turns out, her and her husband are graduates, professionals, and one of their pastimes is a gaming community, and she's not spinning googly eyes all day long and doing nothing but sitting on a game and not having any other goals in life. I'm sure other generations heard stuff like this. Whatever it was, that was the new thing that was coming into play. So I had to consider that, in terms of how much is all of this, oh, There's a judgment. Oh, there's a bias. Oh, there's a misconception. And own that. Really work with that in myself to begin to understand more of what this was all about and what did this mean to me, and was this a viable way to look at how we could develop something with the same intention and authenticity.

To be able to still deliver these experiences that could truly be transformational on a holistic level and globally, and eliminate all the, logistics of travel, international space costs, all those kinds of things, and how to make it accessible to many people. So, All that and all that work because like we talked about just a while ago, it's a process.

You go through all these pieces and like I said, in order to really embrace the fullness of what this positive potential was, I had to work through all those other pieces. I think to arrive at a place where I wasn't just going to be speaking, from the top of my head where it was really gonna be something I could own in my heart.

And I do now see that true to. Perhaps philosophical or spiritual types of tenets, but we are what we believe so if I'm putting a spin, whatever that might be on life that has a negative component, sure enough, I'm gonna see that. Cause that's how powerful of a creator I am, that I can create that right to myself too.

Same on the other side. If I see something with a lot of potential limitless capacity, and I see that intention being laid down as a foundation for the highest good of all in everyone. And I put that out there and I begin to create out of that. And that's what we're 


[00:35:39] Wendy (2): And that's what it boils down to is this idea of. The highest potential. Good for everybody and for entrepreneurs who are hearing this, who are like, oh my gosh, I'm still afraid to answer an email.

 And I guess because of what I do, I see the fluctuation of people who are all in, and then there are those who are all out and then those who are tiptoeing their toes in the water of technology. And my whole thing about that is, exactly what you said. Just like with any other intention, just like with any other thing that you wanna manifest, it all boils down to what you think about it.

I'm very into what you think about, you bring about, and the universe always says yes. So like for those who are afraid of technology, you're confirming the fear, you're telling the universe. That I'm afraid of this, it's gonna be scary. Things are gonna go wrong. And they do. As opposed to telling the universe, this is not scary.

I'm gonna be okay with this. I I can Google anything. I can figure this out. And then it starts to open up doors for you. And that's exactly what I hear you've done is that you've made the choice to look at as how can this be a positive? How can this not stop what I wanna put out in the world and what other doors can I have open?

And the universe starts to open those doors and the virtual reality of it is amazing. And to that point, people use this stuff and don't realize that's what it's really is. I've been using paint colors on my walls in my last place. I'm like, oh, nope, that's darker than I thought.

But all of those are those virtual reality things that we're already doing. It's just one step forward and way back when I started to work in social media doing it, Biggest thing that I heard and we've grown so much from that, is, I don't know what to say online for my business.

They could not understand how to remove the screen of that one Sidedness. To actually communicate in a way that still had them feel authentic, still had them be who they really were. And that's what we're talking about is this is another way to become who you really are in a different way. And again, because our brain doesn't know if it's true or not most of the time when we're manifesting something, it's wonderful to do it in a virtual world because you can get your brain to the point that it believes it, because it's seeing it in the virtual 


[00:38:02] Esperanza: Absolutely. And there's plenty of tests out there. You can Google that, or see like those things about when you're doing something physically and then your brain is saying, wait? And is believing even though you know that it's not that, but your brain is doing that.

And I just wanna say that idea of when we encounter a fear and then we know it's there. So we feel that presence of it, but we also can counter that in a very mindful way by saying, I'm willing to explore. And as soon as we become willing to explore this universe, God source, whatever name you wanna give it, being still enough to allow that to come up and bring you the idea or what the next step is.

They can be baby steps, I've met enough people and had my own experiences to know that's all it requires. That little bit of opening that willingness where we're open, we're wanting, we think maybe there's a way, show me, and we're inwardly asking that and we then have the courage to step into that.

It's a little bit supporting one another and gaining that kind of collective momentum is important about this time. And I feel like that might be some of what you have expressed as that transformational piece, because I think that shift that's happening, like us talking today, but everybody's talking about it all over the place, and slowly it becomes something like, even in the beginning when we were first talking about Metaverse, we began to look from a personal standpoint besides, the organization, the nonprofit, and our mission and vision, and how that could be carried out through that as that being a platform.

When my husband and I began to look into it, we were like, I don't know. Does this seem like it's something that's gonna take or not? I don't. And well, let's find out more. Let's, investigate. Let's learn more. And there's always that wonderful piece about learning more. And then all of a sudden, It was like my husband, he deals in business all the time in international business too.

And all of a sudden he's like, every day the news is saying like the metaverse, the metaverse. And now even if you don't really know what the metaverse is, it's around enough that you've already heard the term. And that's how it begins to happen from all of us. We can think back. I can certainly think back to no cell phones and here we are, cell phones and who would've ever thought that our cell phones would've been like mini computers?

 If you're away and on the road there, your next little computer, so this is what's happening. And the advancement is so wildly limitless. And I think Isn't this, what consciousness is that it holds that potential. So then the only one who puts the label on good, bad, right

wrong comes back to another one of those spiritual tenants, which is me. I'm the only one who puts the label on that. Or we join in with a group of individuals that think good, bad, right, wrong, and for me personally, I'm just at a point in my life where I'm not doing that. I don't want to do that.

 I've given that up, for a lot of reasons, but, if I find little pieces of that stuff in me, I clear that out because ultimately this way where I live into the experience is so much more expansive. It's brought me so much more abundance. Literally the essence of it. So that's how I see. This platform being able to utilize this kind of space and how much lovelier can it get than linking our mission, which is really about grounding all these ancient wisdoms. And I'm not just talking about indigenous ancient wisdoms, but let's say what has come through all the different timelines to now you know, things that you know.

Your grandmother or your great, great, whomever didn't have to be some kind of medicine woman or priest or teacher they just, in their essence were who they were living their life. But all of this legacy of this energy that's coming through, all these different people who've lived and who have shared vision for the future, think of all the people that immigrated to America, So this indomitable spirit, the way I perceive that is also consciousness moving through us as these expressions of consciousness.

And so now we're at this other point and we're like reaching out into these frontiers because that's what it's asking us to. Many of us have already lived enough of life that don't wanna be contained inside a little box or inwardly feel like that's enough. I don't like it anymore. Or have rebelled against it 

or created disease for ourselves because we've been trying to live in a box, but for those of us, And reaching out to all your listeners today, every one of us has had that sensation to dream so big that it carries us off into this whatever we imagine can be. So, and it's so very powerful and I think one of the beautiful things about a truly the innocence of a child is that they know that.

And then as we grow, it gets discounted. It gets dismissed, it gets minimized, it gets somehow shelved and compartmentalized and all of a sudden it's like we're living these little lines and, how we walk and how we talk and what's okay, and not okay, and right and wrong, and all these things, and all of it serves a purpose.

All of it does, cuz how could we know anything to be expansive if we didn't come out of that place so now we're at this place, and now I would say that, we can utilize it in this way and to be, working with so many individuals who want to be part of this service and looking at how that's gonna be conveyed because to limit it like, well, it's only good.

 As long as live or as long as the organization lives you, it's gotta be beyond that. And if you speak to any visionary, anybody who's really thinking about something that's to serve, let it go on. How does it get past the next one and the next one and the next one. And on them, that's the whole promise of how energy expands.

And that whole pass it on movement, all those kinds of things, but we pass it to the next generations. I'm seeing these kids and , their life, we can't even imagine what that's gonna be like. That's like telling my grandparents when they had no electricity in Mexico, oh, one day we're gonna be living with cell phones and electronics.

[00:44:08] Wendy (2): They wouldn't have known. I've heard this say before, that past generations have had the ability to do what we have done now, but they had to go through their own vision for us to get to where we are. And I really believe that I could talk to you for hours, but we have to wrap this up.

It's been a great conversation. But I do know that you have an offer, so if you'd like to share with our audience and I would you're opening up a lot of worlds even furthering the holistic movement of being authentic and how it can actually possibly be done. And it's not in any containers. 

[00:44:42] Esperanza: So thank you again for this opportunity and yes, I feel the same way that we could go on and talk about so much more and, to know that, this advancements in technology, this kind of wisdom, Perhaps it's already been here on this earth.

 I know many believe that, and maybe we're just now looping around again with a greater responsibility, integrating it further into our consciousness. So if you would like to reach out to us, Pure Esperanza, that's all one word is the organization. So pureesperanza.org. 

And then, for myself personally, if you're looking for your own healing, your own journey, getting more direction of where you're going, getting more focus, utilizing that. Ability of your own creative power to manifest and create your life, your destiny, then you'd wanna reach out to Esperanza Smith and that's at esperanzasmith.com and I would be happy to speak with you. In either, of your interests with this conversation today and look forward to answering your questions and connecting. And Wendy, I know we'll be more connected. I'm so thankful. 

Thank you. 

[00:45:46] Wendy (2): Yes, I am too.

Thank you so much. This has been lovely. I will have all of Esperanza's links in our show notes so I invite you to reach out to her and. Peace and love until next time.

[00:45:59] Esperanza: Same to you.


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