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Aug. 2, 2022

Move Over Hustle and Grind, Wellness and Wealth Is Movin’ In

Move Over Hustle and Grind, Wellness and Wealth Is Movin’ In

I'm excited to announce the Wellness And Wealth Podcast, an interview show exploring success stories and advice from entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, and founders from all walks of life who have mastered their wellness and created an abundant lifestyle. 

My name is Wendy Manganaro, and I am the host of my podcast dedicated to wellness, wealth, and making time for what matters most to you. Whether you're already well on your way or just starting, I hope you'll find some new inspiration and encouragement.

In the first four full shows, learn from:

  • Jocelyn Thompson, WorkVision Consulting about Self-Care through Pay Equity
  • Catherine, DeMonte, Catherine DeMonte LMFT about Wealth Consciousness
  • Renee Harris, MadeOn Skin Care about Balancing Family Life with a Home Business: And even Raise Entrepreneurs in the Process
  • Andrea Battista, Operation INSPIRATION about Living Your Life to the Fullest

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