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Jan. 3, 2023

A Guide to Mindful Marketing Definitions

A Guide to Mindful Marketing Definitions

It’s 2023, and I love to go back to basics. What do I mean? When I look at the end of 2022, did I start to overcomplicate my marketing based on someone’s recommendation that didn't resonate? Did I follow a coach or mentor with a great marketing plan that worked for them but felt too salesy or overwhelming?


How do I answer these questions? I looked at four words and their definitions and saw if I was living in one of them too much and others not enough. Because I don’t know about you, if I am all in on tactics, but I haven’t looked at things like my strategy or brand archetype, it’s a recipe for disingenuous marketing campaigns that neither attract nor excite my ideal client. 


So, below are the basics of four definitions that are extremely important for me to remember as I plan how I will market myself and my business for years to come.


Mindful Marketing - Mindful Marketing is when a brand is hyper-focused on staying true to its company values while adding value to its ideal clients. When a brand mindfully markets, they understand that while we would like to have revenue today, we are looking at the long-term effects of building relationships with potential clients so that they know to come back to us when they are ready. 


I have found that through the years, if I build relationships through my marketing first when I have something of value to “sell.” Then, those relationships are more likely to buy because they know I have added value first, not constantly “pushed” products just to get the quick “sale.”  Remember, mindful marketing comes from a place of the Law of Attraction, not scarcity. 


Marketing Strategy - Once one understands to market from a place of mindfulness, a strategy is vital because it is the roadmap behind your why. It ensures that how you market matches what you ask the Universe for as marketing strategies look at what has worked. Where it has worked, and what type of things your audience responds to while keeping your business values and goals in mind. 


More importantly, a marketing strategy aligns with how you feel comfortable converting your message as a business owner. For instance, if you dislike doing videos, it allows you to strategically get your message across in a way that works for you and your business while still adding value to your customers. 


Brand Archetype - Psychiatrist Carl Jung introduced brand archetypes. He spoke about brands having a persona based on 12 human desires that create an emotional connection with your audience. So often, new businesses go to a graphic artist with an idea for a logo. But customers can feel put off if they find the branding doesn’t align with the natural brand archetype messaging that is coming from the company. 


For instance, when I work with companies, the first thing I notice after giving them a brand archetype test is that their brand colors do not align with their brand archetype. Another thing is that many companies, in the beginning, follow a coach or marketing mentor and try to use the coach's brand archetype, which will not resonate with their audience. (Look for my future brand archetype quiz to find your archetype.)


Marketing Tactics - You may wonder how words like marketing tactics can be added to a list of mindful marketing terms. A marketing tactic is a brand's actions to promote its product or service. Marketing tactics are a fantastic way to leverage you and your brand, but they come last in the marketing equation, not first, which is what many companies do. They follow a tactic and then get frustrated when it doesn’t succeed. 


It’s great to back up and ask these questions:

Does this align with how I want to market my company mindfully? 

Does it fit into my current marketing strategy? 

And does it align with my brand archetype? 


If yes is the answer to all three, it’s the correct marketing tactic. 


If you are struggling with any of these words in your marketing, please feel free to book a clarity call with me, and let’s discuss how you can align your marketing strategy with your brand. https://wendymanganaro.as.me/claritycall