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March 5, 2023

Heather Ann Ferri - Detox And Upgrade Body, Mind, and Spirit

Heather Ann Ferri - Detox And Upgrade Body, Mind, and Spirit

Are you a female entrepreneur who wonders if detoxing can help you feel better? And if you need to detox, do you need a body, mind, or soul detox?
On this episode of the Wellness and Wealth podcast, Heather Ann Ferri addresses how to detox chemically and upgrade mentally, physically, and spiritually. She’ll also share how as a trauma-informed health coach, she realized she needed to find a new way to care for herself as she finds herself exhausted with little energy.
In this episode, Heather Ann Ferri answers the following questions:
What does detoxing mean?
Why she didn’t always believe in detoxing?
When it comes to female entrepreneurship, what are the warning signs that they could use a detox?
What is one step that someone can take to regain focus?

Are you a female entrepreneur who wonders if detoxing can help you feel better?  And if you need to detox, do you need a body, mind, or soul detox?

On this episode of the Wellness and Wealth podcast, Heather Ann Ferri addresses how to detox chemically and upgrade mentally, physically, and spiritually. She’ll also share how as a trauma-informed health coach, she realized she needed to find a new way to care for herself as she finds herself exhausted with little energy. 

In this episode, Heather Ann Ferri answers the following questions:

  • What does detoxing mean?
  • Why she didn’t always believe in detoxing? 
  • When it comes to female entrepreneurship, what are the warning signs that they could use a detox?
  • What is one step that someone can take to regain focus? 

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Connect with Wendy Manganaro:

Connect with Wendy Manganaro:  


S3:E5 - Heather Ann Ferri

[00:00:00] Wendy Manganaro: Hi everyone. My name's Wendy Manganaro and I am the Host of the Wellness and Wealth podcast. I'm so happy to have you find us. And if you could take a moment and hit that subscribe button, I'd really appreciate it. This is the podcast where we believe when you show up better for yourself as a woman business owner, you show up better for your business. 

So sit back, relax. And learn from the practical to the woo-hoo, how to best take care of you. Have a great day. Stay blessed. And leave a review when you're done listening to the show, thanks so much.

[00:00:38] Wendy: Hi everyone Today we have a great topic as usual, it's how to detox chemicals and upgrade your mind to think outside the box. And we have Heather Ann Ferri on.

Of course, I'll read her bio and we'll get started right away. Heather Ann Ferri is an accomplished international speaker and transformational health coach. She spent the first decade of her career performing in New York City, both off and on Broadway. Her mastermind focus created the first. Guinness Book of World Records for 16 turns on one foot in tap shoes.

Heather Ann is the author of the book, victim Two Victory, and Spent 17 years in a private trauma practice. She was hired in the integrative mental health field to teach and train her programs for complex P T S D O C D and childhood trauma. She developed health meditation and wellness programs for senior homes,

universities and over a dozen corporations. Heather Ann comes from a family lineage of business in construction stores and restaurants. She's passionate about bringing new products and programs to businesses to provide customers with cutting edge quality, nutrition and science, providing businesses option and residual revenue building as well.

Welcome, Heather. Thanks for being on the show with.

[00:01:59] Heather Ann Ferri: It's my pleasure. I'm so excited. 

[00:02:01] Wendy: And I didn't tell you Heather is actually my middle name. 

[00:02:05] Heather Ann Ferri: That's wild. 

[00:02:06] Wendy: Yeah, so there's a funny story about this cuz I don't know if my parents knew that most babies are born with blue eyes because I was going to be Heather, Wendy if I came out with brown eyes and Wendy, Heather if I had blue eyes.

So it was kind of destiny for Wendy, but I think that's pretty funny. That was the backup status. 

[00:02:26] Heather Ann Ferri: That is really interesting. You're the first person I've met that the middle name is Heather. I find that interesting. 

[00:02:33] Wendy: Yep. So yeah, I thought that was really funny. But yeah, I laugh at that now that I have that knowledge, but they really thought that it was gonna be something different from Wendy, that it was gonna be a Heather.

So let's get you started into your topic. I always tell my guests we have a pre talk before the show so I get to know my guests a little bit and, you have an interesting story. But I always like to start with this question, what does detoxing mean to you? 

[00:02:58] Heather Ann Ferri: I love that question, because I put it in four categories, first is the physical detox, and when people come to me, I talk about glyphosate and how we can test the urine for your pH, to see how acidic you are, with the fluid in your lymphatic system.

And, so I talk about detoxing glyphosate. I talk about do you do a parasite cleanse twice a year? And I talk about proper water filtration systems. So that's the physical body, and I find that most stay in that lane. But when you do start to detox chemicals and stuff, emotions, you start to feel pain in the body that we had numbed down from sugar or caffeine.

So the emotional detox and the emotional detox is giving yourself the permission to feel pain and understand that even though you might label that pain physical, that in my field, I have found that 99.9% of that is really emotional. Mental detox is for me, the P T S D Brain Protocol that has a ton of clinical studies and has just saved my life and helped so many of my clients.

It's a healing toolkit of eight specific meditations that are either breath patterns or, mantras or mudras, and it's teaching your central nervous system to relax and then stay relaxed. And so, not only do you retrain the Central nervous system, but we all know crisis happens in our life.

My father passed away this year. . And when he was sick for 44 days in the hospital, I pulled out the P T S D brain protocol for myself. And then the last being the spiritual component is that I think when you do start to detox chemicals from your body, that's the physical and you start to feel your pain and cry out maybe some stories or emotions that you didn't recognize or acknowledge for yourself.

And sometimes that doesn't necessarily mean child abuse. I come from that, but doesn't mean that I could just. Mean that people were mean to you in high school. And it really left a lot of scars that you never really got to fully grieve, or feel out and it got stored in the body that we can then begin a spiritual practice, which is defined by you.

So I think there's a detox in each category. 

[00:05:26] Wendy: Yeah, that is very interesting and I've never heard it put like that. So when I think of detox, I will say it's different because I've worked in nonprofits for a long time and I did homeless outreach and I think that's the reason why we talk about this stuff because a lot of people go by their own history.

So when I talk about detox, I'm like sending somebody to stop drinking or there was a lot of heroin addiction on the streets, that kind of thing. And they have to go through the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual in order to do that.

And what you're talking about is doing this on a whole other level of, based on what we put in our bodies because I think that most people go, oh, detox we go right to this other type of detox. I like that you, there is four components because it's a very holistic way to look at detoxing.

And for me, I even know as you were talking, I remember I used to smoke and I quit five years after I started. And I remember the physical because I was starting to get welts on my neck. And somebody said, that's from you quitting smoking. It's coming out of your body in different ways.

And I was like, really? I had no idea . I was slightly cranky after that. But, there's this physical component that people don't always suspect when they detox. 

[00:06:37] Heather Ann Ferri: Well, absolutely, and I think that mainstream social media, we see a lot of fads. And we see it also in the nutrition world. We see it, and I'm a vegan, but we see it in the vegan world where we have people saying, detox, detox, detox. But they don't have another toolkit for those people. And that's where I think I do come in with a full circle of tools that if somebody gets on

a 30 day nutritional program. I will make it clear that they can either, join a free class to be with a group, or you can reach out to me and say, why am I feeling pain in my hip now? Or, why am I feeling dizzy? And a lot of times I did it for myself too.

It doesn't matter how much you read or how much you analytically know, we are emotional beings. We're emotional beings. We're all sensitive to some degree, and some people are really sensitive and that's great, and they need to honor all their emotions. All your feelings matter, because truly, when you're detoxing on all those levels, that's when you upgrade in your whole life.

For me at least, I kept changing friends, not because they were bad people, but because of the vibration and the intellect and where I was the always the giver and I needed to find people that knew the balance of give and take. So as you're detoxing, you're actually working up a ladder, both financially and business, but also personally in relationships.

[00:08:06] Wendy: And I like that you say that. Now I use a different word. I call it decluttering slightly different ,but it's the same idea and it's not a personal thing. You're just in a different place.

And some of that naturally happens and some of it is, you have to be more intentional about it. But I think that there's a really a good balance that happens with that. So for you, I'd love for you to take us through, because you've been in, in this field for a long time 

and I know when we chatted, you were like, yep even I found something. That even, I was surprised. And it's always good to surprise somebody who's in the field of something and you're like, oh, which we could still learn and grow in our journey. So, were you always somebody who believed in detoxes?

And what was different about this last one that you really up-leveled your business? 

[00:08:51] Heather Ann Ferri: And I think I was turned off by the word detox up until last summer. I think that's because, up until last summer, all the lanes that I had, spent years in studying and working with were brain protocols and water education and behavioral patterns and the science of the body trauma release in the body.

And so I would get hired as that lane in retreats and what I was exposed to with different nutrition experts was, I was exposed to a lot of women who had a lot of trauma and it seemed that even though they were eating fruit or they were doing a detox, they were really emotionally unstable. Even the kitchen we were, it wasn't like we're singing or we're praying before we eat our food. There was this disconnect on those other lanes that we just spoke about.

And so I was really turned off actually by detox because of that. Cause I had been anorexic for a moment in my college years. I had spent in my late twenties writing about anorexic and bulimia in off Broadway shows that women, so I felt it was so physical oriented, if I lose 50 pounds, which is great.

but why do people keep gaining 50 pounds back? All these fads in diets and nutrition? So I definitely was turned off. And so when I tried a Nutrition Pro, because I was buying stuff from the stores, the local stores and health food stores, but I wasn't using my supplements of vitamins, I didn't know they were synthetic.

I didn't know there was a difference between Whole Food, natural Super Foods and herb. And even where the land, regenerative soil, these were things that weren't in my education. So when I did and I don't say stumble upon the company because there was an intention there, we do our self-practice.

My self-practice was meditation work. And in my meditation work, I kept getting this nudge and this message about being malnutrition by basically being told that I had a poison in my body. And I'm like, I don't understand. This doesn't make any sense, and here, I'm the teacher that's always navigating other people, and yet I'm still confused.

And so basically I say there's no coincidences. Anybody that comes onto this talk today, that's not a coincidence. So I found this gentleman. He was coming on my feed randomly, but I think that's through Spirit. And he was talking about childhood trauma, which was the lane I knew.

I knew that well, and because it was rare that a man, a retired football player was talking about this subject matter. I was drawn to his videos and he was a part of this company. And so I called 'em up one day and said, look, I wanna try this. And when I tried, the fitness program, there wasn't anything unusual about the products.

I would say they're labeled similar to the products I was buying, but after three days, what I felt in my body was different. And that kind of made me go, okay, something's different here. And that led me down to a lot more questions, a lot more conversations with him. A lot more research and a lot more reading to learn about glyphosate.

And glyphosate is in 75% of our food in the United States. 90% of our beverages in the United States we're seeing every day mainstream, write about it. Now there's a lot of lawsuits connecting cancer with glyphosate and this particular company, 30 year company, has an herb. It's really simple. That detoxes 74% of it out.

It's the only one that I know of that has third party studies, and there's a lot of other products and super foods that I consume, but detoxing glyphosate and parasites. I am still to this day, surprised at how much it's changed my life. I really can't find the words and you don't wanna come across like a salesperson.

I had a really successful career before I jumped into this lane, but it's actually tripled my income as a coach, as a trauma coach. So it's not that I tripled my income selling product, because, once you're detoxing these chemicals outta your system, my gut, my energy level skyrocketed.

My mental clarity skyrocketed. And what I mean by that is I wasn't consuming sugars or caffeines to stay alive. it's a natural clarity, so I can go 12 hours. I have three coaches now. I hire three coaches. I'm learning new things. I'm expanding, I'm growing, and these are things I wanted to do in my business, but I was too tired, too fatigued, and in denial about that, I think as business owners, you don't wanna admit it.

And I'm in the health field, and you don't wanna admit it, but I was, and I was quite surprised that I just needed that one thing. Sometimes it's just that one thing that you're looking for in your programming that you're not getting. And so I hope that makes sense.

[00:14:08] Wendy: Yeah, absolutely and you know what's interesting I do believe too, I don't think that there's any coincidences. So I'm a big believer in when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I do believe that if I look back in my own history, that is completely the way it's always been.

I'm like, all right, I'm fed up. I don't know why I'm fed up, but I'm fed up. And then something will come into your life where you're like, oh my goodness, this is amazing. And why did I not know about this before that? So, I find that interesting too, that you talk about this and you're like, no, and it's not because I'm selling a product

it's really because I'm actually doing this in my coaching business because I feel like there's a difference. So for you, and I wanna ask you about this because I don't know if people understand, when you talked about detoxing a parasite, what that is because I don't know if people understand, especially when it comes to self-care and there is this idea that like we talk about self-care and people are ready in different times and everybody has different eating habits.

And it's not to shame anybody. That is not the goal. But a lot of times, like we start with the mental healthcare, right? Because this is painful. So I have to start here. So we start with what's the most painful and if you struggle with weight, and that's finally you've had enough, then you might start there and you could start in any point in place.

And there's no wrong to that, but for those who are thinking, what is she talking about parasites, and B, when you're talking about self-care and you're starting to try to do these other things, whether it's exercise or whether you're trying to eat right and you still don't feel good, or you're trying to mentally go through therapy and do a good thing for you in self-care.

Sometimes we don't realize when we're not eating correctly. We're still undoing that. And I'd love for you to talk a little bit more about that because it's not about shame and it's not about weight or not weight, but, and as you talked and I have tried every fad diet too, so I understand that.

And I stopped doing that.

[00:16:00] Heather Ann Ferri: I think that what you're saying, I started with the fitness program because I was trying to work out, even though I was so tired at the end of my trauma coaching day.

And then I moved into what's called the 30 day program, which has been around for 25 years. So the one thing I will say is I did a lot of questions and research because of my field. I Was not gonna just do anything. So David Sandoval and Amy Vener, who are the CEOs who I actually get to talk to every week, which is important for me.

David Sandoval has a couple books out, so I read his books and he did all the work for somebody like me as a coach. Because he has done all the groundwork on why these particular super foods and these herbs are the highest quality, meaning the regenerative of soil. He spent a half a million dollars on a technology in the United States that doesn't exist

that creates wind tech. So you don't have any fillers or type of, he's a pioneer. And so I honestly have to say to people out there Because mainstream has so much exposure to things like parasite cleanses, a lot of that freaked me out. I'll be honest. Like it wasn't something like, ugh.

But David Sandoval, his programming is so down to earth and realistic for the average person. That's what I love about it. So there is different ways to go about it, first of all, and that's where I come in, we have a conversation and we make it doable for you. You don't have to change everything in your kitchen.

We don't want that. We want this gradual. But basically with the parasite cleanse, it's really gradual and beautiful is what I say because, as you're having more bowel movement and releasing some stuff in your system, what happened for me is I had all the other things going on. I had the best brain work, the best water, I was

spending on organic food. I wasn't a junk food, but really when I did the parasite cleanse, so some parasites can feed into your neurological system and people don't realize that. So some of people's mental health issues could just literally be a parasite. And I didn't know that until I released because my personality and mood shifted drastically, and I mean for the better.

And my brother, and I think because I don't have a partner, a lot of times it's interesting to hear couples because usually if the wife gets on the program and the husband's a skeptic, he notices those changes and then gets on the program. We wanna see our loved one s feel better, and usually your loved ones will notice.

And so my brother who doesn't even live with me, noticed these changes and was like, what are you doing? That was a validation for me that I was going down the right road, and also that I was feeling better. I knew my physical body, so I knew that and I will say that parasite cleanse was easier for me personally.

It was the biomed that detoxes glyphosate, that was harder for me. So what I mean by that is there was a week that I felt very tired and fatigued. And so I reached out to a functional medicine doctor on my team and they said, take it in the evening. That's it. Just take it in the evening before you go to bed, you're cleaning, you're detoxing those poisons.

And after a week then my energy went straight up and it's never gone back. So you do need to work with people who have a health education in some lane that can assist you, and explain things of why, modify. I think it's really important to modify and, I think these extreme changes, I didn't extremely change my diet.

It slowly changed. It slowly changed as I kept. Your body will crave the good stuff. I didn't even actually like the power shake, which is a green shake that is very famous in this company. It's six tablespoons equals six organic salads of the best salads. And I didn't like it because I realized my tongue was acidic.

Whatever parasites I had so the taste was not good, but I kept with it. And now I love it. I love it. And my cells I am so tingly and happy and I feel the fuel. So for me personally, who thought I was healthy, I had a couple road bumps, which I think is important for me to be able to have more compassion and be able to help other people along the way, than to just be like, oh, this is easy.

Do this. No, it's not. And plus, I come from a family of sugar addiction, and that sugar addiction is related to repressing your emotions and your feelings and traumas. So as I was upgrading this nutrition, I was grieving some things, that came hand in hand too. 

[00:21:04] Wendy: Yeah, I can see that.

I can definitely see that and I can understand that. So as we're talking about this, when it comes to female entrepreneurship what physical or what mental emotional signs that it's time to detox?

[00:21:16] Heather Ann Ferri: I would say, and I was a little because of my dance fitness background, I was a little embarrassed. I had a belly, a little belly, and I hid it well. But I would say if you're bloated, if you have, excessive fat in your belly area, we need to address the gut lining, the healing of that.

And that's through detox of glyphosate specifically. I would say that's the first sign if because if your belly has excessive fat or bloating, your brain is not optimizing to the highest potential it can be. So gut health.

So I would say fatigue. And it's a hard thing to measure because I thought I was doing really well. I went eight hours a day with trauma coaching, but by five or 6:00 PM I was pretty out to lunch and I was afraid to do new things. I was tired. It was always like, I'll do it tomorrow.

I'll do it tomorrow. So if you're like always not able to do the things you really wanna do, this might be the moment for this tired, fatigue. Energy level, mental fog. Now we hear all these things. These are terminologies we hear all the time in mainstream. 

So if there's one thing you take away from today is you want you and your family wanna know about how to detox glyphosate, that's number one. Cuz that's gonna change everything, whatever you add to that. Great. The negativity, the fear-based, for me, I think that was more parasite, the sluggish tiredness.

I can't seem to get the next step ahead I think was more, in my opinion, glyphosate. So those are the markers. And for women in particular, cause I love to work with women. I think we hear about this a lot in a yoga meditation role. You attract where you're at.

There are meditations I do for prosperity and this and that, but I was missing so, That's the message I sent today. I was missing something and when I did this detox with glyphosate and parasites, I've upgraded in every way personally, financially, everything. And it's just continues to upgrade.

[00:23:21] Wendy: I have one last question is mindful verse solutions versus practical solutions. If you're a female entrepreneur and you feel like you're, you become stagnant in your business, what's one solution, start to become more focused again, because I know that's also 

what you work with. 

[00:23:36] Heather Ann Ferri: There's a meditation. It's a simple meditation, and honestly, people can just reach out and I can send it to them. I have it on video, but it's Satan nama. It's been written in Brain Longevity books. It went to Congress in 2003. If you do it 12 minutes a day, it starts to reverse memory loss.

You basically are pressing on each finger like if you were playing the piano, starting with the pointer, sat nama, and you do it 12 minutes every day, that helps with mental focus. That helps some people with sleep. I used to do that in the senior homes for the dementia and Alzheimer's, it was amazing to see the results.

I actually encourage people to not only do that meditation, but to do it with their family. To do it with their kids because your kids will learn, they'll be more focused in school. Do it with your, parents so that they do can start, preventing this is much more effective than doing a word puzzle, by the way, cuz you're working on different areas of the brain.

Satan nama that is the meditation, and if people are confused, they can always contact me and it's really simple to send that to them. 

[00:24:39] Wendy: Well thank you. I know you have an offer for our audience. It'll all be in the show notes, of course.

[00:24:45] Heather Ann Ferri: Yeah, I think there's a couple offers. One is, if you wanna read the book on our C E O David Sandoval, I'm all about education, so if you wanna free pdf file. My email is you matter w uh, y o u m a t t e r 1 0 8 gmail.com. And the second offer is the Satan nama. If you're confused, I can send you a link to what that exact brain meditation is, and then the third offer is, if you wanna try, the 30 day program or any of our programs, I can give you a $50, gift card code that will also link you to me as your coach or mentor about this process, because I will say if you go onto the regular online, My online vegan, gluten-free website, it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming.

You don't quite know what products you need. I can help you if you have specific goals and if you really wanna set up a free 30 minute consultation on that. Once again, email me at youma or 1 0 8 gmail.com. 

[00:25:52] Wendy: I'll make sure that all of that is in the show notes so people get in touch with you and thank you so much for being on the show today.

[00:25:59] Heather Ann Ferri: Thank you so much, Wendy, for having me. 

[00:26:02] Wendy: To all my listeners, if you love what you heard today, please leave it a review. Otherwise, we will catch you next show. In the meantime, have a blessed and abundant week.

Heather Ann FerriProfile Photo

Heather Ann Ferri

International Speaker/Health Coach

Heather Ann Ferri is an accomplished international speaker and transformational health coach. She spent the first decade of her career performing in New York City both off and on Broadway. Her mastermind focus created the first Guinness Book of World Records for 16 turns on one foot in tap shoes.

Heather-Ann is the author of the book Victim to Victory and spent 17 years in a private trauma practice. She was hired in the Integrative mental health field to teach and train her programs for complex PTSD, OCD, and childhood trauma. She developed health, meditation, and wellness programs for senior homes, universities, and over a dozen corporations.

Heather-Ann comes from a family lineage of businesses in construction, stores, and restaurants. She is passionate about bringing new products and programs to businesses to provide customers with cutting edge quality nutrition and science. Providing businesses options in residual revenue building as well.