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Dec. 14, 2022

Your 2023 Marketing Intentions

Your 2023 Marketing Intentions

For years, I’ve sat down at the end of a year to write out intentions, goals, and a strategy for the following year. In the past, I’ve done it through a Cultivate What Matters Yearly Planning Guide; other times, I’ve done it through vision boards, online tools, and the strategy process I do for my clients. But, no matter how you do it, it is one of the most valuable tools to look at during the year, especially the strategy, because it keeps you on the right track to living your intentions and achieving your goals. 

What is the difference between an intention, goal, and strategy? 

Intention - An intention set in the here and now. It is a choice and can help you stop wondering why things happen to you.

Example - In marketing, you intend to be more consistent with your marketing. To help cement this idea, you would also write the reason behind the intention. For instance, you could have noticed that when you are consistent, you bring in consistent clients, which helps you have a consistent income. And consistent income means you can afford to help more people. 

Purpose - See how one intention can be the foundation for many layers of your business. When you set an intention in your marketing, you must include your destination and map. And as I always write, the Universe loves knowing where you want to go but where and how. The more details the Universe can allow your desires to flow with ease. But, when we are wishy-washy, the Universe sends us the same storm we drove through last time until we learn how to set the GPS, use the car, and drive it successfully there.

Goal - A goal is a concrete result you seek from your intention. It takes your intention and usually gives it a numerical value in marketing. 

Example - If you are more task orientated and intend to be more consistent with your marketing, a goal could be to post three times a week on social media and write one email blast weekly. If you are more money orientated, you could set a goal to have a 20% increase in sales because you are more consistent in your marketing. 

Purpose - So you have your goal and intention. It starts to form your desire; for what you see as a successful business. Unfortunately, this is where most people stop in manifesting their marketing. You miss the directions to your destination when you have an intention and goal. 

Strategy - A strategy is the step-by-step directions to your destination. Think of it as using Waze or Google Maps to reach your destination. It helps you know what time it will get you to your destination and how much it will cost in tolls so that you can choose the amount of time and money you want to spend on getting to your intended goal. 

Example - If you intend to be more consistent in your marketing, your goal is to post three times a week and send out an email blast. That alone won’t bring you more clients. You may need an option on your social media to opt into your email blast because it’s the only place where you send exclusive offers. Or you may know that you can’t write all your social media and blasts to send them out, so the strategy is for you to write and hire someone to ensure they consistently get posted. Or maybe, you are great at writing and posting, but you don’t make offers well to make the 20% increase in revenue, so your strategy is to hire a coach to help you not only post but make offers. 

Purpose - When you have an intention, goals, and a strategy, you suddenly have all three components to decide, choose a destination, and get there promptly. At this time of year, you will hear a lot about resolutions. And usually, by January 15th, the resolution talk is nil, and people start to feel disappointed in themselves because they couldn’t “do” what they intended. If you think of your marketing similarly, you may have great plans for 2023, but do you have all the steps to make it successful?

The best way to know if you need to include a step going into 2023 is to look at and examine your 2022 results. What worked, what didn’t, and what was missing? For example, did you only have an intention and strategy but no goal? Did you have a strategy and goal but not an intention? Did your business goals align with your marketing intentions? 


If you need help, please get in touch with me for a free clarity call to discuss how you can improve your 2023 marketing strategy and reach your desired goals. You can schedule it here: https://wendymanganaro.as.me/claritycall.