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Oct. 14, 2022

Timeless Wisdom to Help You Utilize LOA While Taking Action.

Timeless Wisdom to Help You Utilize LOA While Taking Action.

I would compare my journey with the Law of Attraction as a bumpy road, and every time I think I have it, a bump comes up, throwing me back into contrasting situations or thoughts. During those times, it will take me a bit, but I'll realize that I have let go of many, if not all, of the practices I did to be in flow with the Law of Attraction, and as soon as I start to see life as abundant and beautiful again, despite the contrasting situations. 

Believe it or not, marketing can work in the same way. When we are in flow and doing small practices that match our belief systems, we can see the value we can add to others without worrying about if it's perfect, will the right people see it, it will bring us a sale today. 

So, what can we do to be more intentional about our marketing practices? Glad you asked because I have six ways you can match your Law of Attraction beliefs to marketing practices. 

  1. Start helping, LOA will then take over. - I was recently at a marketing workshop with Denise Duffield's husband, Mark, and someone asked if they had to do freebies to get new clients. It's a great question I've been asked often during my marketing career. Usually, the thought behind the person asking is if they give away something for free, why would anyone buy it? 

        And although there could be truth in that statement, it is also true that most people want to feel          like they are purchasing from someone they have built a relationship with, so, in my experience,          when we give the why for free, we don't need to provide the how for free. In other words, start            helping people with their why in your marketing and allow the Law of Attraction to connect it                with those who energetically will want to buy from you.

  1. LOA always provides, especially when you have a marketing strategy that helps us clarify your desires. - Some days, I feel like a broken record when I say this. Recently, I had a conversation with someone fascinated by my ant-Guru thought process in marketing. For example, marketing strategies are not for big companies. Marketing strategies are for all companies because it's not about tactics. It's about finding a marketing process that helps a company of any size aligns with the Universe's request. 


  1. The Row Boat Story - Some of you may have heard a version of this tale before, but I've changed it to suit my audience a bit more. A storm brews, and soon a women's home starts to look like it will flood; a rescue team in a rowboat comes along, asking for her to leave with them. She declines, saying the Universe will save me. Now, the water has entered her home, and she lives on the second floor. Again, a rescue team in a rowboat comes along, asking for her to leave with them. She declines, saying the Universe will save me. Now, the water has risen to the second floor, and she is standing on the roof. A rescue team in a rowboat comes along, asking for her to leave with them. She declines, saying the Universe will save me. Ultimately, the woman drowns, and when she is all but a spirit again, she asks the Universe, why didn't it save her? And the Universe answers, I sent a rowboat three times to rescue you, but you couldn't or wouldn't see it was me. 

          When we are overwhelmed doing our social media, and we hear someone say, why don't you              hire someone to write for you, post for you, or come up with a more straightforward process                and plan for you? We say no, I will do it. The Universe sees you are overwhelmed. They offer                solutions; be sure to give yourself permission to accept the help. See where the Universe is                helping you do for you what you can not do for yourself, such as putting the right person in                   your life to help when help is needed. 


  1. Ask and receive. - When I first learned about manifesting, people would ask me, well, ask for what you want and then be open to receiving. And, so they would ask me what I wanted and my head would go blank. It was like I had never given myself permission to ask for what I wanted. So, they took a different approach and said, do you know what you don't want? I could give a long list in the don't want category. And then they would say, what is the positive opposite of what you don't want? Do you want that? And this is where I started to learn about contrast. I had always been saying, what I didn't want, but never intentionally asking for the opposite. It was a game changer for my upleveling and manifesting.


  1. How can contrast play a part in your marketing, especially in the world of what I call Reputation Management (online reviews)? - So many people don't want negative reviews, but that's as far as they get in the thought. Sometimes, the fear of not wanting negative reviews attracts negative reviews. So, how do you turn that contrast into what you want? First, let the Universe know you want positive reviews, and then Ask for positive feedback by emailing your happy clients. You would be amazed how many people want to leave you a positive review but have not asked.


  1. Attraction vs. Promotion - Often, entrepreneurs get so stressed about the perfect website that they spend all this time and energy if they are doing it themselves or paying much money to get it done. And if they are heavily into the Law of Attraction, they ask the Universe to send people there but then don't put any action into asking. They don't ever let anyone know they built the website. They don't update content for long periods. They don't randomly check links to make sure they are still working. They constructed and hoped that people would come. 


           On the other hand, the Universe is excited with you as you build it and has high expectations               that you will promote it and then leave how people react to take care of it. And as you lose i.               interest, so does the Universe in sending potential clients to you through it. And so, build the              website, have fun, write down the thousands you want to attract there, and then build a                        strategy of how you will be willing to participate in your website attraction.


  1. What does authenticity mean to you? - When it comes to believing in the Law of Attraction, one understands that our thoughts and actions must align with what we want. Yet, many have belief systems or upper limits that hold us back based on outside influences. For instance, I've reviewed social media copy for companies, asking why it's not converting to engagement, never mind sales. 

         Usually, the central conflict I see is that I speak to someone with one warm, passionate, and               excited energy to serve others in their field, but the energy of their writing does not match that           energy. How does this happen? Usually, they follow a coach or guru not aligned with their                     mission, vision, and brand. And so when it's a mismatch without a custom strategy written for             their energy and flow, it feels and looks disjointed. The audience notices and responds                         accordingly. You can have authenticity, flow, and ease in your business, but it may require more           intentionality of a content strategy that will work with you. 


If you have found these tips helpful and want the courage and permission to market the way that works for you, let's chat. https://wendymanganaro.as.me/claritycall