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Sept. 26, 2022

Marketing by the Numbers

Marketing by the Numbers

This week I was thinking about how mindfulness and numbers can mix. The fact is, I love fun facts and numbers, especially when it comes to marketing. Although, I didn't always embrace my love for numbers. Growing up, I had heard that women love literature and men love math. That's why women became teachers and men became scientists. (How archaic does that sound?)

And way back then, I was repeatedly told acceptance was the answer to all my problems. (I still believe that, but now I understand there is a big difference between accepting my truth and someone else's story as my truth.) So, in my head, I tried to go with my status quo of I'm bad at numbers and so ignore them. But here's what happened: I took high school Algebra, which turned out to be my all-time favorite class. Of course, it could have been my tremendous sarcastic rapport with the teacher. But it confirmed to me that maybe not all numbers were terrible.

And of course, I learned later, as I learned about money manifestation when I ignore the numbers in my bank account, I perpetuate telling the universe I don't care about money. So, now I embrace numbers with no shame.

But I digress; one of the things I do for my clients is a competitor analysis. I look at their competitors' social media and see what's working for them and what's not. And then, I look if there are things that would make sense for my client to do, and sometimes, it helps confirm to my client that they don't have to be or do something they do not want to do to have a thriving online community. So, either way, it's super helpful.

Today, I pulled some facts to ponder and be curious about in your business and offer insight on how they can mix with mindful marketing.

Fact One:  Top Marketers Document Their Strategy - A 100% Increase From 2019. Yet almost 40% of marketers report they have no documented strategy.

I always cringe when marketing companies and entrepreneurs don't have marketing strategies. You ask the universe for clients to trust what you do and how you do it but don't have the roadmap to help get you to the people who want to hire you. If you're going to work with a marketing company, ask if they have a marketing strategy for their business. If they say no, there is a good chance they are selling a marketing method, which may work for their company, but without a strategy, it may not work for yours.

Fact Two: Get ready for some fun numbers - The largest age group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are 25 - 34-year-olds. The largest group on YouTube is 15 - 35 years old, and TikTok's largest age group is 18 - 24. Pinterest's largest age group is 50 - 64. Snapchat's largest age group is 15 - 25.

Some of you read this, and your brain immediately went to it; this confirms why I'm not on the (Insert social media) platform. Others read this and panic that they are not on the right social media site. Use these numbers as a gauge. And remember, this is the largest age group on these platforms, not the only age group. And, of course, you may be wondering why Gen X is not in any of those groups, don't worry. They are on all social media platforms. Not only are they on all the social media platforms, but they are also engaging with brands more than any other generation through social media.

Fact 3: Only 48% of online users would consider using a business with an average rating under four stars, and only 19% of online users would consider a company with fewer than 3.

Got stars? Because, like the universe, the more you have, the more beautiful your world becomes for those searching for you. The official name for this is called Reputation Management. It means you are actively seeking out reviews through a review funnel or a simple email asking. It's a pivotal component of many marketing plans today because it's today's word-of-mouth marketing.

Fact 4: 53% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. - Psst. I've spent a share of my and my client's money on ads in the past. And guess what, it's the rare day when I will do it anymore. Why? Because SEO always gives you more return on your investment than paid ads. I will provide a hint: don't assume your website is SEO'ed. It takes a specialization who understands the ever-changing algorithms.

Fact 5: 44% of users consume 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a business.- I consider this a gentle reminder to be consistent in your posting efforts.

If you are intrigued by numbers and wonder how you can use them to work in to mindfully market your business, schedule a clarity call with me here: https://wendymanganaro.as.me/claritycall