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Nov. 16, 2022

How to Align Your Marketing With Your Business Without Feeling Pushy

How to Align Your Marketing With Your Business Without Feeling Pushy

This past year, I made some bold changes. First, I shut down my ten-year-old marketing agency; next, I started the Wellness and Wealth podcast. The most recent change is I’ve decided not to do 1:1 or group marketing coaching anymore. So you may wonder what is left for me to do in the marketing world. You may even wonder how a self-care podcast aligns with how I help women take their marketing to the next level. 


I’ve aligned my business and marketing to match my values and lifestyle. Two things I’ve embraced as a result of saying no to what others think I should do and finding out what works best for me are creating an e-course and affiliate marketing.


And for fun, I’m creating a quiz for female entrepreneurs so they can learn the skills and strategies behind marketing in a way that aligns with their brand archetype and personal values. The quiz is to determine brand archetypes. (See below for more information.)


The last thing I do, which is my favorite, is write marketing strategies for businesses that have teams or are ready to hire someone to do their marketing. Creating a marketing strategy is like taking an unfinished jigsaw puzzle and finding those missing pieces to have an aligned, beautiful picture.


So, how did I get to this place of alignment? I have to admit, it felt like an uphill battle of trying everything and then realizing what worked and didn’t work for me. You may be going through what feels like the same uphill battle regarding your marketing, so I have a list of 4 ways to align your marketing with your business.


  1. Know your brand archetype. - Brand archetypes were established in 1919 by psychiatrist Carl Jung. There are 12 of them in total, and they are personalities based. Knowing your brand archetype helps you align your messaging and communication style. It enables you to avoid buying marketing programs that don’t match your value systems. (If you would like to be in the test audience of my new brand archetypes quiz, send me a reply to this email. I’m only letting the initial test go out to 20 people.)
  2. Tactics vs. Business Goals - It’s easy to look at a marketing trend; watch one of the thousands of Instagram and Facebook marketing programs that target you and buy one. The problem is that many times these are tactics they are teaching, which could be great if the tactic is farthing your business goal. Having clear-cut business goals and then building a marketing plan around those goals helps you stay aligned with your values, but if you put tactics before goals or values. You again buy something entirely out of your comfort zone of how you want to show up in this world.
  3. Social Media Alignment - Have you ever visited someone’s Facebook page and thought this is a cool brand, but then went to their LinkedIn and thought you were at a different company? Marketing alignment can be quickly disjointed when we start on a social media channel and forget about it. Or, we do a quick update on our social media branding, but our website looks ten years old and doesn’t match the content you are putting out now. I’m not saying you have to do all the things and be on all the channels, but what I am saying is that don’t be afraid to shut things down that you don’t want to be on; you are not going to update, and it will look like a ghost town. Instead, pick one or two avenues and keep them consistently updated in language and style. 
  4. Reviews - You will often look at Google Reviews and are unsure what they do because the thoughts are so general that if you took the same review and put it onto another company, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t for them. Asking clients to write reviews at different parts of your client process helps those reading the reviews feel like there is a consistent alignment across the board. Be bold and suggest what you would like them to write. Happy clients would love to write a glowing intimate review of your business, but get lost on how to start, so help them along the way with suggestions.


So, how do these help align your marketing to your business? When you are aligned, you will show up as your authentic self, and those aligned with you and your message will be attracted to you and want to work with you when you make an offer. And offers will naturally flow to your business goals because you will have set the path of who you are, what you stand for, and why it's important to you based on keeping your brand and marketing aligned. 


Are you done with marketing tactics that don’t work for you? Start the new year by hiring me for a marketing strategy plan before my yearly price increase starting January 1. You have to have a clarity call and sign the contract to get started before December 31st to lock in the price. You can begin the clarity call process here: https://wendymanganaro.as.me/claritycall