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July 23, 2022

Wellness and Wealth Trailer

Wellness and Wealth Trailer

Hi everyone. I'm Wendy Manganaro, Marketing Mindset Strategist. And the Host of Wellness and Wealth. I created this podcast because I believe female entrepreneurs show up better for their business when they show up for themselves. 

Each week, you can expect to hear from guests who will discuss self-care topics in mental, physical, and spiritual health. And since I understand that every female entrepreneur has a different definition of self-care, we have episodes that cover practical steps on how to care for yourself to the woo-woo. 

So if you are ready or need a reminder that you're worthy of living your best life while growing your business, then subscribe and get ready to have some aha moments while listening, then take your newfound self-care tool and bring it into your work so that you can shine while being the best authentic version of you.

So make sure you use to subscribe to the podcast, not to miss an upcoming episode of Wellness and Wealth. 

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